Changes in Attitude

>> Thursday, September 9, 2010

I've always been a little jealous of women who are seemlessly poised and perfect.  Even is distress, to have the look of ease and perfection.   They seem to command an attitude of WOW.   I recently ran across a quote that I'm going to put to the test.   Manolo Blahnik says "You put high heels on and you change. "   It's true, no matter how what people say.   What you wear and especially the shoes you wear can affect the day and certainly my attitude for the day.

I'm snickering as I write this, but you girls know that SOME days you stand in front of closet and the choices made at that moment will define the day.  

Easy & Laid-back -  Comfy faded jeans, pull-over top and flip flops
Sassy   - Wide leg pants, heels, and blouse with a jacket
Sexy -  Flattering Dress..just above the knee,  heels  

I know the clothes make a difference......but the shoes  define the day.   changing from heels to sandals makes a statement about the way I feel.

So, tomorrow morning when you are staring into the closet of the unknown.....choose the outfit and choose heels!!


Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability

>> Friday, July 23, 2010

I don’t know about you but down here in the south we know when summer is here.   There is a difference between early summer and summer.   When temps are 100+ everyday for weeks on end, it brings out a different view on working and being outside.   It’s always a good time to plan a trip to the beach.   The breeze is always blowing and the idea of the water tricks the mind to think it’s 82 instead of 102.

We recently had the Griggs Family Vacation.  It was fab-U-las week of doing much of nothing and calling it play.   We played in the water and the sand.   We looked for hidden treasure and found it!  The hidden treasure can in the form of seashells and sanddollars.  To be honest we and found a lot of interesting things…within the span of 7 days we found - 2 starfish, 2 conch shells (mollusk still in tack and alive), Hermit crabs, Sidewinder Crabs, Sting rays, Sanddollars (several broken, 1 in perfect condition),  and a shark!  All of these were in their natural environment and found by us.  

We SO enjoyed the beach, but we also enjoyed being together.   The boys had a terrific week being spoiled to death.   More importantly the adults (you know the ones paying for the trip) had the best time.  I think it goes down as one of my all time favorite getaways.
  So I’m good with the quote above “Deep Summer is when laziness finds respectability” ~ Sam Keen.   I think deep summer is a perfect time to have a little time for indulgence and laziness, how else could we handle those 100 plus days.


A WICKED Kind of Day

>> Monday, May 24, 2010

It was a special altogether WICKED day.   Last Thursday, in the middle of the work week, three friends and I took a vacation day. We planned to ride to Charlotte to see an off-broadway production of WICKED.  Everyone needs that kind of day.   It started by sleeping in, then a nice enjoyable ride to Charlotte.  We did have to go by car, unfortunately we unlike Glinda (the good witch) cannot travel by bubble.  We stopped at McCalister's for lunch.  A treat for us since we don't have one of those locally.   Then on to the theater. I wore the perfect blouse for the occassion..a green, black, and white plaid top.   It was unintential but perfect for the show.  Once I realized just moodified me in the best way possible. (sorry for all the "wicked" phases..they are just funny).

After a spectacular performance, we traveled over to Cheesecake Factory for dinner and dessert...We even sat on the patio for dinner.  The day was just wonderful...most of all I enjoyed the time spent with friends.  They say life happens in the moments you are least expecting.  I guess this is a perfect example.   A little slice of life served up on a plate of happiness...what more could one Thursday offer.


What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

>> Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I love the way children’s minds work.  They are open to any and all possibilities.  Anything they can imagine is within the realm of possibility.    I was reminded of this two Sunday’s ago.  My family gets together for Sunday Dinner and this particular Sunday the kids were outside playing.  My sister overheard a VERY serious conversation between three boys ..Alan ( 7), Jacob (6), and Ethan (5). 

Jacob:  “ Alan, What do you want to be when you grow up?”   
Alan:  “I want to be Superman or a Policeman.” 
Alan to Jacob: “ What do you want to be?”  
Jacob: “ I want to be a super ninja.”  
Alan to Ethan: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” 
Ethan: “I want to be God”
Jacob:  “You can’t be God…you gotta pick something that you can really be like a ninja or Superman.“   
Ethan:  “God is stronger and faster than them,  I’m gonna be God.”   

I love this story,   the possibilities are endless to these guys.  They are not limited by what they feel is acceptable by others.  They haven’t imposed any limits on themselves.  The world is available to them and they can be as  strong,  as fast, or as powerful as they wish.   So how does this fit into the work and ministry world that we ALL live in as adults.   Couple of lessons for me.

Don’t forget that we serve a God of possibilities…think outside the box.  What solutions help you accomplish ministry?
Don’t limit ourselves…..everyone has a chance to be a  superhero to someone.  Think about the person who shared Christ with you.   That person is a superhero.

I'll be really excited if we a super ninja in the family.  I'm not sure what benefits they bring, but it will certainly be exciting!


Seven Year Itch

>> Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It was 7 years ago that I officially became an aunt.  It seems like yesterday that I was rushing to the hospital to see the newest edition to the Griggs clan.   I had a friend who warned me that “Aunt” mode would kick in and it WOULD change my life.   At the time, I wasn’t sure exactly what that meant, but I certainly know what it means today.   Jeremy Alan may have come into this world as tiny little thing (3 lbs 3oz), but he has one of the LARGEST personalities you’ll ever encounter.   He’s has transformed in front of us from a sweet, happy baby to an all American kid.

  It makes me happy just seeing him play hard and enjoy life.   No more are the days of rocking him to sleep….he doesn’t need me to hold and cuddle very much anymore….it’s a little sad, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.   I’m so proud of him…he’s super smart, thoughtful, and kind.   Currently he’s missing his two front teeth and has a “wiggly” one of the bottom.   Alan is into everything…one day he’s a fireman, the next a superhero, the next a ninja warrior, and don’t get me started on Bakugan.

At about 2 years old, we took a  family vacation to Edisto and one night I sang Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star for two hours straight…..this was the only song that  seemed to keep the tears from streaming….small sacrifice for me…not sure about the other people in the car (LOL)

One of my favorite things about him is his imagination.  When he was about 4 yrs old, he had Grandmommy looking for an imaginary rock for about 20 min.   Now Grandmommy had NO idea this rock was imaginary…but it was quite funny when she realized it was.   What’s even more funny is that this imaginary rock was named “drunk”   (we’re still not sure where this name came from)..but we’ve all been riding down the road with Alan when he would yell out from the back seat……”OH NO,  my drunk fell out the window”…..I still chuckle at that one.  I guess you should also know, that I have stopped the car to give “drunk” a chance to get back in the window.  You can laugh, but what would you have done?

Wow, 7 years old.    Almost ready for the 2nd grade.   I can’t believe time has flown by.   I can’t wait for all the fun times we’ll have together.   I have so much fun building forts, racing cars,  playing in sprinklers and all the other things we’ll do.    You make me happy just by being you!!!!   I LOVE YOU, LOVE YOU!!!!

Aunt Pami


Spring into Summer

>> Monday, May 3, 2010

I believe we've skipped over Spring and headed straight to summer.  The days are already hot and humid.   I am looking forward to the family vacation this year.   That's right...the Brady Bunch is going to the beach.  I'm excited....mostly about waking up to the sound of ocean...and walking on the beach..but I'm also excited about spending some quality time with everyone.

It's fair to say that right now, the adults (well the pretend adults) are more excited than the kids.....but to be fair the adults, not the kids, are paying for the the excitement grows with each dollar saved.  

I get a daily report of the weather and the water temp..from my brother.   I don't know if you translate, but that's what I call excited.  My sister and I have discussed what clothing, chairs, and kid stuff we're taking down.....which means we're excited.

I'm guessing that once we have our toes in that golden sand,  the kids excitement level will far exceed ours.   Some of the things I hope the boys remember are building sand castles, chasing waves, singing in the car just for fun (off tune and off pitch) , finding seashells, playing games, counting stars, and riding bikes.  

It's nice to have those kind of memories..Regardless of all of the fun things....I'll be excited about going to the beach AND I'll be excited about being home again.   


It All Goes Too Fast

>> Friday, March 26, 2010

It's hard to believe that 5 years ago next week we had an addition to the Griggs' Clan.  Ethan Cade came into this world and into our family. He is one of the most wonderful children to walk the earth (I may be a little prejudice, not much...but a little. )  We had so many years with really no children around and  now  we have two rambunctious boys.. FULL of energy.   Check out those toddler checks....don't you just want to squeeze him!

Ethan amazes me all the time.  At the ripe old age of  5, he is Mr. Personality.  He has a wonderful sense of humor and is always looking for the opportunity to create a funny situation.    He loves to make you laugh and  he loves (I mean loves) a knock knock joke.   Did I mention Smart...oh yeah...he gets that from me LOL.   Ethan  also knows that Aunt Pami likes hugs and kisses and she's a very easy target when the toy isle is close by!

Now Mr. Personality was one of the cutest and sweetest babies ever born. I enjoyed every moment I got to hold, cuddle, and rock that sweet baby.    But I SO enjoy playing trains and cars, shoot outs and construction.  Those girls have nothing on us.  We build forts and look for treasure.  We can construct an entire city with fire dept and police dept in my kitchen and living room during a sleepover.  Luckily it's still very fun for me to build some Lego contraption and let him completely annihilate it.   It's also funny  to beat aunt Pami in any Wii game...especially Mario Bros and Star wars!

Some of my favorite Ethan quotes are:

"My name is Ethan X not Ethan...Ethan X"
"I don't like your rules"
"That is yucky to my tummy"

and the winner....."Love you Love you."

So....Happy Birthday to my dear, sweet Ethan.    LOVE YOU, LOVE YOU!!!


A little more than you needed to know

>> Thursday, March 18, 2010

I have these crazy little goals.  Sometimes they are perfectly sensible and sometimes they are a little cooky.  One of my life goals is to spend the night in every state and visit 5 continents.   I've accomplished a good bit of this.   I've actually spent the night (not just set foot) in 31 states and have visited 3 continents.  Here's 5 places I've visited ... hope you enjoy!

5 Places I've visited

New York city, New York
It's maybe my all time favorite city to visit.  Love walking in Time Square, eating in trendy restaurants, going to shows (LOVE THE SHOWS), and walking through china town buying purses off the street.  Who could ask for more.   I'm not sure this is a city I could live in full time..but I sure would like to give it a try.

Jarkarta, Indonesia
Wow,  this is a HUGE city 12 million people live in Jarkarta.  They have two seasons..the hot dry season and the hot wet season.  It's just hot there.  There are people everywhere and they drive motorcycles.  No Joke, more than once I saw a family of 5 on a motorcycle. It takes about 26 hours to get there from SC and I can promise you've not seen anything like it before.  Also,   you will eat food you don't can be really exciting..enjoy it!

Montreal, Quebec
Snow, Snow, Snow well  that's mostly what I got to see.  I stayed in a little town called Terrebonne that was picturesque.  Lot's of people talking very quickly in a language I understand very slowly.  It was the first place I tried sushi....loved it. 

Cancun, Mexico
Most people go to Cancun for a holiday.   I went to work.  I learned how to mix cement by hand (rocks, sand, water, stir with a shovel).  Beautiful place, beautiful people.  First place I truly understood that love and compassion could cross any boundaries.   Also, the first time I experienced a nude beach.  Quite a eye opener if you know what I mean.

Winnipeg, Manitoba
This was one of the flattest stretches of land I have ever seen.  You could see for miles.   I was there during the month of October and in case you wondered...IT WAS COLD!!!   Lots and lots and lots of cold wind.   No snow...just wind.  I was there during the Canadian Thanksgiving and got to have Turkey with Yorkshire Pudding..mmm mmm good.

Tell me about places you've visited.



>> Monday, March 15, 2010

I love my Ah ha moments.   I had one this weekend and thought you might like to hear about it.   It really begins with a story about a family.   I've "known" this family for a long time and to be honest they are a mess....and by mess I mean they  have trouble. I know we all have things that are troublesome or hard to deal with, but this family just seems to have more than their average share of trouble.  The family consist of Father, Mother, and 2 sons.   Just to give you a few facts:   The Parents waited a long time for children and love their children dearly...but they do have favorites.   This is very obvious and has been a problem since childhood. This is so evident in the family that it causes the brothers to plot against each other about trivial and important things.   The division is so strong that the word hate has been  used between the brothers.  Honestly if given the choice, I think one would seriously hurt the other.   Once it was so bad that the youngest son had to leave home and stayed away from the family a long time.   It took years to reconcile and even then it was a scary time.

So where does my ah ha moment fit in....well this family as messed up as they are (and honestly they make my family seem like the Brady Bunch) was used by God in a mighty way.  You see this family is Issac, Rebekah, Esau, and Jacob (Genesis 25 - 27; 34).  This was the family line that Jesus was born from.   

So my Ah Ha moment, God can use anything, anything for good. (Romans 8:28).   This family was not a horrible family, although they did some pretty horrible things.....that's the point...all of those things that were described above were human things.   Decisions that they made without waiting on God for direction. many times do I decide to make my own decision.   Make it work for me, not even think what I should be doing for God.  

So I'm working on knowing God is in control and this world big world that I live in's all about Him, not me.   I'm also gonna know that even when I mess up, and I will, that He can use that for good.

Have a great week!


Who’s the troublemaker in the group? That would be me.

>> Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It’s official, I’m a troublemaker.    I must admit that I already knew this.   I’ve known it for quite some time now.   It’s a trait I’ve carried around since childhood and to be honest….sometimes I’m even a little proud of it.   I push the boundaries around me.   I always have and I guess I always will.   My sister and brother could most likely give many examples of me being the instigator of many a devious plot.   I simply can’t resist being the one that causes trouble.     

It may have something to do with being the first-born child…that I always have to have or do things differently than “the standard” but more than that, I just enjoy seeing reactions of those around me.   I do try to keep myself contained when “trying” to accomplish serious and demanding work..but you know sometimes that’s not what happens.

So here’s the story….I’ll play me in the story…Steve, Executive Director or R&D (aka my supervisor) will play Steve.   So anyway….Steve has these drumsticks and when we are in meetings he plays with them or will hit the desk to get everyone’s attention etc.   Well we were in a brainstorming meeting the other day and I happen to be in close proximity to the drumsticks so I took and hit the desk ..creating a Boom sound.    Steve very calmly took the drumstick and announced that I was not mature enough to handle those.    There was a big laugh and then he said it.   I mean he just blurted it out…..You are the troublemaker in the Griggs’ family.

Well what can I say…it’s true, I am.   I hate that ALL my hard work of keeping that fact concealed has been destroyed..but there it is.  Now watch out world….I’m free to be as much of a troublesome as I need to be. 

Are you a troublemaker?  Let me know!


Organization - My Friend and Enemy

>> Monday, March 8, 2010

Organization is not my strong point.   As a matter of fact I struggle to even have the resemblance of organization most days.   I’m more of a person who constructively places things out of view so that I appear semi-organized and then at some point realize spring cleaning must occur.   At that point, lots of “stuff” is placed in trash or give away piles.   I’m actually pretty jealous of those naturally organized people.   You know the ones…their desk is always straight.   They never lose things because whatever they are looking for is in its correct spot.   

I have a friend whose like that….she’s just very, very organized.   I think she thinks in patterns of organization.   LOL   It’s a little intense at times!   But as always, these organized people are put into my life for a reason.   They are there to help me.   So last week, I called this friend over to my office to help me.   Basically, I said…..take a look….decide what needs to be done and HELP me.

She did….she was dealing with very little space and lots of stuff…so she helped me and my office mate (I share an office) go to Target.   We came back with matching containers…..My desk feels cleaner and more organized.   I have really enjoyed having that clean, I can get more done feeling that an organized desk affords… if I can bring myself to let her see the coat closet at my house.   Kira -  save my coat closet?!?!?!


The Big Love Hug

>> Thursday, February 25, 2010

I think the world  can be divided into two types of people.   Those who hug and those who don’t hug.    I’m definitely in first category.   I really have had no say in the matter,  I’m almost certain it’s part of my genetics.   My family can hug in every way imaginable.   I thought I’d classify a few for you.

  • Side Hug  -  Also known as the one arm hug.   This is a quick one arm squeeze around each other’s shoulders
  • Big Love Hug – Full on Hug..There’s arms and hands and a big embrace.   If kids are involved there’s also a big opportunity for swinging around in a circle
  • Kiss & Hug -  This is two arm hug that has a kiss at the end.
  • Quickie Hug -  This is really quick almost no touching hug
  • Double Hug -  Hug, release, Repeat
  • Long Hug – Hug….keep hugging…keep hugging…now squeeze.   Mostly seen around grandmothers and great-aunts
  • Group Hug – More than two people involved.  You get the idea

Since my family has always hugged we sometimes forget what it must be like non-huggers.    My sister-in-law, Brandy tells me it’s quite a traumatic experience.  Over the years she’s come to know it's just part of the family.  
I love her like a sister, and must say that I enjoy “making” her hug me.  It’s kind of a joke between us.   I’ll walk up and spread my arms out for a Big Love Hug.   SHE LOVES IT!   Well, at the very least she tolerates it.   So where do you fall….are you a hugger or a non-hugger?     Let me know!


I Know Why I'm NOT a Size 6

>> Tuesday, February 16, 2010

There are some things about our quirky little personalities that takes a little time for people to discover.  I think I'm normally a pretty transparent person but tonight, I'm gonna give you one of those "special insights" for free.

Now, as you can tell from my last post I love laughter....and I'll admit that some of the comments that come out of mouth are to get a funny reaction.   This is NOT one of these things.    This revelation..and it IS a revalation that came to me a few years back. I think there comes a time in everyone's life when you just realize certain things about yourself.  Well, this one of those things.

I know, I mean I know why God didn't create me to be a size 6.   He knew that if I were size 6, I'd just have trouble with running around naked. (In case you're not southern, that's pronounced NA-KED).   I never have been a modest person, but if I had a size 6 body.....I couldn't handle it.  LOL.    I would be without enough clothes all the time!

So people out there in the real world...just know I couldn't handle it....and if some reason you see that I'm getting close to a size forwarned.  I can't control it!  I'll have to run around naked!  For all you size 6's out there....where do you get your self-control.  I need to know....


Sweet, Sweet Sound (part 2)

>> Friday, February 12, 2010

Do you know the moment, the  moment that you experience this OVERWHELMING sensation of happiness.  I’m not sure the guys will get this one..but let’s say you’re shopping and you come across the perfect article of clothing.   I mean this shirt/dress/ pants/shoes/ whatever makes you look like a rock star….then you look at the price tag and it’s marked $80 with a red line, then $50 with a red line, then $25 with a red line.   You’ve just found the perfect piece of clothing for $11.    It’s a high….it’s actually pretty additive.   Well, that’s kind of how I feel about laughter. 

It’s a sweet, sweet sound.  To me it’s sound that invokes happiness, contentment, joy.   Now, I’m very big on laughter….I try my hardest to be funny.   Sometimes I succeed and sometimes I come off pretty geeky…but regardless, I try.  

I hope on this Valentine weekend, you are with loved ones..but more than that I hope you have laughter….even more than that I hope you find an $80 deal for $11 bucks.   Let me know if you do!
Enjoy the song!


Blogs, Blogs Blogs

>> Thursday, February 11, 2010

My cousin Amy attended the Blissdom Blog Conference in Nashville last week.   She came back with a ton of new ideas and links to some premier blogs.    Check 'em out....Enjoy! Our Journey..Together....: a ton of other blogs....


Sweet Sweet Sound (part 1)

>> Tuesday, February 9, 2010

This is one of my favorite songs.  So I thought I’d write about some things that are Sweet, Sweet Sounds to me.

Do you hear something and it just makes you smile or maybe chuckle.   I think about all the cute things my nephews do.    Children have a way of getting to heart of the matter.   We eat Sunday dinner (it’s a southern thing) at my mom’s each week.   All the family comes together and we gather around the table.      It’s a time for the adults to catch up, make plans, and just generally talk.   We have a great time..but the they love grandmommy’s.     You can find them in the back bedroom playing with trains, planes, and automobiles.   The sounds that they make while playing are sweet, sweet sounds…..well most of the time they are.   Sometimes it’s more crying and less sweet, but you get the idea.

When it’s time to say goodbye, I always ask my nephews for a BIG hug…and I get one.  They hug with all they have in them….trying to squeeze in enough for the whole week.   I always say “ love ya, love ya”.   Alan will give me a “ love ya, love ya” …Ethan chooses to say “yummy, yummy in my tummy”.    It’s a sweet, sweet sound when I hear that.   It just makes me happy.

God enjoys the sweet, sweet sounds of our worship,  just as we enjoy  hearing the sweet, sweet sounds of children.    Oh Yeah….Enjoy the song


Like What You Do Times Four

>> Thursday, February 4, 2010

Question 1:  Do you like what you do?  HMMM  Yes, I like what I do.

Question 2:  Do you like what you do times four? Wow..yes..Today I like what I do times four. 

My title is usability manager..but as you all know a title doesn't really mean anyting.  So let me explain what I do.  I spend a lot of time talking to clients asking them how they get their job accomplished. was exciting.  My favorite question is "Tell me how you get your ministry accomplished?"   It's exciting to see how everyday staff and volunteers are making a difference.   It makes me excited to be able to help yes today I like what I do times four!  Not sure about tomorrow...but for today I'm good to go!


To Wish You Were Someone Else Is To Waste The Person You Are!

>> Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Do you ever have Ahhaa   moments.   As you know, I’m a fly by the seat of my pants type of person, so ahhaa moments are part of everyday life for me.   My latest was this morning.  It wasn’t a huge revelation, but enough to change the pattern of my day.    As I was riding to work this morning, listening to 89.7 WMHK, one of the host read the quote of the day.   The quote was  “To wish you were someone else is to waste the person you are”   

I said the quote out loud a couple of times, and then my mind was just whirling.   This is something that at one point in my life, I truly struggled with.   I  worried about being different.   I wanted to be prettier, smarter, thinner.   I looked at my life and looked at the lives of my friends and really thought……what’s wrong with me.   Why isn’t my plan working out.  Why am I here and not at the place I think I should be.   For years, I truly prayed ….Lord ,what do I need to change so that you’ll give me this plan.    It took a long time to realize that I was being selfish.  Really selfish.  

Jeremiah 29:11 says " For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."   It’s easy in life (well in my life) to sometimes NOT put my faith in that hope and future.    Remember,  although our purpose is the same (glorify God), the plan for each of our lives is different.   Looking back, I was a child banging my fist and crying out to be just like everyone else.   I wanted to do things my way.   What I’ve learned is that we’re not cut from cookie cutters.   Our lives are suppose to be different.   We are not all alike….our paths take us in different directions.   If I had had my cookie cutter life, I’d never get the opportunities and blessings I have today.   So I celebrate me……well I celebrate how God can and will use me.   

Don’t waste the person you are….get comfortable in your skin…..roll around until your warm and fuzzy.  There is a plan for every moment, so let’s not waste any of them!


Bravery, Patience, and Joy

>> Friday, January 29, 2010

I stumbled onto a quote today.  It’s from Helen Keller, who is one of my all time heroes.   It says “We could never learn to be brave and patient if there were only joy in the world.”   I went looking for a quote because I had a friend who was pretty upset about something that happened to her.   She was feeling hopeless in the circumstance she found herself in.   Now this wasn’t a terrible circumstance.   No life altering choices or decisions…just found herself backed in a corner not knowing quite how to react.    She came to me for some encouragement and hopefully I was able to give that to her.  

After our little pep talk, I wrote the quote down on an index card and brought it home with me. It just stuck with me somehow.   I’m not sure if it was the words or the author, but I decided to investigate the true meaning of the words used.   Here we go:

Brave ~ Possessing or displaying courage; valiant.
Valiant (Valor) ~ Courage and boldness
Patient ~ Bearing or enduring pain, difficulty, provocation, or annoyance with calmness
Joy ~  To take great pleasure; rejoice

You know in life we sometimes are discouraged by the things that are unfair or harsh.   If asked, we’d want a life of peace and happiness. In truth, if our lives were all peace and happiness, we wouldn’t understand how to appreciate it.   Sometimes it takes the uncomfortable  or harsh things to push us to react with bravery or valor.  

Now patience is a different matter.   It (at least in my life ) requires practice.   I have a mentor that always says never pray for patience, pray for wisdom.   It’ a funny little quote, but it’s true…..we  normally learn patience because we HAVE to not because we want to.  

So I guess, I’m going to rejoice in the fact that I can learn bravery and patience.   I’m also thankful that my life affords me the opportunity to experience joy.

Have a brave, patient, and joy filled day!


It's a Southern Thing ~ Iced Tea

>> Thursday, January 28, 2010

If you’ve ever heard me speak, there is no denying that I am a child of the South.   I certainly have the draaawwwl that make words with one or two syllables expand to 5 syllable words.   I relish the fact that in everyday conversations (casual or professional)people use  words such as ya’ll, Yes ‘em, and bless your heart.  One of my all time favorite southern things is sweet tea.

It's a standard on any menu in any restaurant.  I always have tea in the fridge.  Honestly, it's my go to drink.   Growing up it was served at dinner and supper. We really never had any choices you drank tea or water.   In the movie Steel Magnolias it's considered the "house wine of the south" and honestly there is truth in that. 

That's all I have for today, but you should know that you're always welcome to come on over and sit a spell.  I'll have the ice tea cold and ready for for you.


Character, not circumstance, makes the person

>> Monday, January 25, 2010

I currently teach a 10th grade Sunday School (bible fellowship) class and we are delving into lessons related character.    This past Sunday, we talked about Noah and the Flood.    The lesson really struck a chord with me this week.   We tend to think that Noah’s obedience and character were exercised once he started building the boat or when the floods started.  I know when telling this story, I like to begin with “God told Noah to build an ark….”, but in truth Noah’s character was defined long before the first cypress tree was cut down!!!   If you read Genesis 6: 5-22  you’ll see that God was grieved with everyone in the world except Noah and his family.   Basically the whole population of the earth were thinking and doing one thing and Noah and his family were headed in the opposite direction.  Talk about building character.   I imagine, the everyday choices they made were not the "popular" decision.   I’m sure many times they ended a conversation with….  it’s the right thing to do.   I don’t know that I’d have the strength or the willpower…but then again…..I haven’t heard God telling me to build a boat.  LOL.

The quote in the title is so true. "Character, not circumstance, makes the person.".   We are faced every day with little and big decisions.   Lots of times we think it’s circumstances that shape who we are, but it’s the choices we make while in the circumstance, that shape us.   In Noah’s life the entire world was making the wrong decisions, the peer pressure alone must have been enormous, but Noah was righteous and blameless.   He practiced making the right choices.  He built character in small and big decisions.   I’m not sure what the students took away from the lesson this week…but I took away a lifestyle of character.   WOW!!!


Surprise, Surprise

>> Thursday, January 21, 2010

To give you a little insight about me,  I’m always being surprised or wowed by things in life.   I guess this happens because my personality is  fly by the seat of my pants rather than plan, plan, plan and do  not go outside the plan   I find that life is so much more fun and unexpected when I’m not sure what each day may bring.   I’m not against those people who have a more rigid type of day…just think maybe they miss some of the fun.  For example…just this week something happened that was hilarious.   I don’t think this wowed me, but it was certainly unexpected and had I been a person who was more together, it would have never happened. 

 I’ll need to set the story up.   I’m currently working with a team on a new project and we’ve been moved to a more secluded work area so that we can foster agile processes and new philosophies.   It builds team spirit and allows you to be more focused…so one of the people I’m working with now is named Darci.   She’s a wonderful team leader and I’ve really enjoyed getting to know her better.   We actually share an office, so we’ve learned a lot about each other in just a few short months.   

Okay, time for the story.     It’s a new work week….Monday is here, everyone is in the office.   Darci is only working half a day, so she leaves after lunch on Monday.   Well, I’m in a meeting but someone let me know that we’ve had some plumbing issues and they are taking care of  Something in the girls bathroom.  I guess now would be a good time to let you know that Darci & I are the only two females on the team.   I go about my day and the next time I need to use the restroom, I realize they have replaced the toilet.   Well a little strange, but no big deal…cause I know the plumbers were there.   I made a mental note of this and actually thought….HMMM,  I need to remember to tell Darci about this.

Tuesday rolls around…no big deal…everyone is working hard.   Meetings and heads down working on whatever.   Now, anytime I used the rest room, I made that mental note to tell Darci about the new toilet…but honestly,  I never remembered to actually tell her.   That’s part of the non-rigid, fly by the seat of your pants world I’m in…..list and remembering list are not high priorities for me.

Wednesday comes…another big day in the office  . ….lots of meetings …lots of end of day comes and I’m winding down getting ready to head home when Darci walks into our office, closes the door and says….  “ I need to ask you a question…(long pause)….did something happen to our toilet?????”   Well, I broke down in hysterics….we were both laughing hysterically…I mean this poor girl has gone two full days questioning whether or not something has changed about the toilet……It’s now a smaller toilet…so either it shrunk or she got bigger.  Those are the only options.   It’s not like toilets are changed on a regular basis.   It was super funny.   I finally was able to speak and let her in on the little secret, so that she didn’t think she was like the character in Alice in Wonderland. 

I can tell you that we’ll laugh about this more than once.  It made for a great end to long day and it would have never happened if I were that plan, plan, plan person.    I hope you are able to enjoy the little things…..cause it’s the little things that make a big difference.


It’s the little things……that make a big difference.

>> Monday, January 18, 2010

In church yesterday we sang one of my favorite worship songs, "In Christ Alone".    The words are so moving.    Isn’t it amazing  how words that we use every day to communicate with each other are the same words we use to communicate with the God of this universe.   It’s even more amazing that the God of this universe takes the time to use me…and the small things in my life to bring about things for His kingdom.  The song paints a picture of Christ our Lord in all His power coming to earth out of love.   I heard David Jeremiah say that out of all the “ships” in the world.....worship, stewardship, membership, discipleship, fellowship are all settled when we realize that Lordship is the main ship.    When we realize that Jesus Christ is Lord and we give ourselves over to him we have no trouble with all the other “ships” and the song "In Christ Alone" reminds me of just that kind of Lordship.

The last verse is by far my favorite…..the music swells so that you want to shout   “From life’s first cry to final breath, Jesus commands my destiny ”   What a love song!

Little Words…BIG Difference.

In Christ alone my hope is found
He is my light, my strength, my song
This Cornerstone, this solid ground
Firm through the fiercest drought and storm
What heights of love, what depths of peace
When fears are stilled, when strivings cease
My Comforter, my All in All
Here in the love of Christ I stand

In Christ alone, who took on flesh
Fullness of God in helpless babe
This gift of love and righteousness
Scorned by the ones He came to save
‘Til on that cross as Jesus died
The wrath of God was satisfied
For every sin on Him was laid
Here in the death of Christ I live

There in the ground His body lay
Light of the world by darkness slain
Then bursting forth in glorious Day
Up from the grave He rose again
And as He stands in victory
Sin’s curse has lost its grip on me
For I am His and He is mine
Bought with the precious blood of Christ

No guilt in life, no fear in death
This is the power of Christ in me
From life’s first cry to final breath
Jesus commands my destiny
No power of hell, no scheme of man
Can ever pluck me from His hand
‘til He returns or calls me home
Here in the power of Christ I’ll stand


Little Things that make a BIG Differences

>> Thursday, January 14, 2010

It's the little things in life that matter.  Really, It's true.   Now I have nothing against big things....I'd love to receive a check for $1 million dollars in my mailbox, but I'm not sure it could make me any more happy than when I find a $10 dollar bill in my jeans pocket!    In my house...that's celebration time.  It's that way with most matters.  Small things really do make a big difference.

We have a running joke at work.  Currently, I'm working with a team that's located away from the main buildings.   Now we have everything we need to accomplish our work including a printer.... the printer they gave us is just the most ornery contraption there is.   Anytime the printer runs out of paper, there's no recovery for that print job or any others.   Actually there is about a 10 minute process involving rebooting that must be preformed before anyone can use the printer again.      SO...we find ourselves laughing when someone realizes the paper is low...someone is running the same piece of paper until more paper can be inserted.   All this to keep the printer in tact.   We have office jokes about.   We've even given the printer a name as to add even more to it's "personality"

It is such a small today's world we don't even print very often...but that small unimportant entity can stop the work of 11 people for 30 minutes or more when paper runs out.   Such a small thing makes such a BIG difference.

Do you have small things that impact you.    My next post will include more


Strange and Alarming Fact

>> Monday, January 11, 2010

This morning I learned a strange and alarming fact.   This morning Florence, SC was colder than Antarctica.  It was WOW moment for me.   Enough of a  WOW moment that I went to to find out the facts.   In truth at 7:50AM this  morning Florence, SC was registering 16degrees.   Antarctica registered 33degrees.   OH MY GOODNESS!!  

Now as I child of the South, this is an alarming and disturbing realization.   We are not made of thick blood.  I'm most happy when the temperature is a low to mid-seventies with partly cloudy skies.   You will not find me complaining at the sweltering days in July and only mentioning the dog days of August.   I will, however; complain and grumble about the cold.   I'm just not cut out for it.

I guess I should explain that Antarctica's seasons are opposite our they are in the midst of summer. Can you believe summer and it's 33degrees!     I'm planning on staying warm and dreaming about lazy days that require iced tea to stay cool.    I hope you stay warm too!!!




>> Friday, January 8, 2010

Let me tell you a little about Oscar.  He's my 12lb bob tail cat that thinks he's a 2lb kitten. He's spoiled rotten for certain.   He demonstrates this by ignoring the dry cat food, because he knows he can hold out for the good stuff.   He has also claimed a chair as his and doesn't mind letting others know.  He's a beautiful white cat with 2 gray splotches on his ears.   Now Oscar didn't always have the good life.  When he wondered over to Kenwood he was skin and bones and very afraid of everyone.  I must admit that my first comments were...I don't want a scrawny cat around...BUT as fate would have it he was presistant and his sad little face won me over.

Oscar has taught me something in my Christian walk...what I first thought was unpleasant and ugly has turned out to be beautiful to me.  Our sins are ugly to God...but He loves us enough to die for us.  Romans: 5:8 says "But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us."  Imagine how much God loves us.   We are his beautiful creations.  No matter what others may see...we belong to Him and are beautiful.

Oscar was once very afraid that petting him was out of the took patience and kindness to win him over. In time Oscar became confident in my love for him.   There is no fear of mistreatment or unkindness.  If only we were as patient and kind to those God has asked us to serve.  Mark 12:29 - 31 says   "Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one. Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. The second is this: 'Love your neighbor as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these.""


Family Vacations

>> Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I thought this would be a perfect topic to write about.  I’ve been back at work for almost 2 entire days, is there any better time to plan a vacation.

Hopefully we all have memories of those family vacations.    I have great memories of spending time with the family mostly at the beach or the lake.    We would ALL pile up in a house for a week every summer.   There was no privacy that week….people were sleeping everywhere.  I remember one house we stayed in, the kitchen table would fold up and the seats would push together to become a bed.   Just to clarify, that’s not where the kids slept….the kids slept on pallets.   We would have a great week of playing in the ocean, riding bikes and hanging out with cousins, aunts and uncles. 

Now back to planning for the family..    I may need to explain the Fam. Vacate to those who may not understand the incantricies that are involved in the planning.   The Brady Bunch (as I like to refer to us) consist of My parents, My sister’s family, my brother’s family, and myself.    We’ve rented a house on the beach and will spend a week together.    I think in the good old days, a house was found and rented…there were no counting of bedrooms and baths.  No viewing of the kitchen or living room to make sure it met requirements.   I think in the old days everyone just accepted what was there.  I’m not sure that was the greatest plan.   I know we had a lot of good times, but we also had a lot of people in very little houses.

Today we check that house out head to toe.   If  I’m paying for a vacation then I need to make sure I’m sleeping in a Bed.   A real bed not a bed made from the kitchen table!    I’m excited about vacation this year…..I’m excited about the kids playing together, about being on the beach, playing games, just general all around family fun.   I hope the fun and crazy things we do are the memories we’ll laugh about for a long time to come.  Plan that Brady Bunch family'll be glad you did!  



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