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>> Monday, June 27, 2011

There is never a dull moment around these days….this spring/summer we have 4 new babies in the family.   I have two new nieces both born in April.   Madeline Margaret and Sophie Clare.  Both are absolutely precious.   There has been a lot of rocking and singing.   Our Sunday dinners are now more about whose holding the babies instead of what’s for lunch!    Both are already smarter than they should be….just yesterday they both told me “Love you, love you aunt pami”.   I’d never lie about something like that!

This month my cousin Amy adopted an 11 month old baby girl Annie Rice.  You can just call me Aunt Pami !  I haven’t gotten a chance to hold her yet…but will rectify that situation this weekend.  She looks to be such a sweet baby and I know I will have fun spoiling her as well.

With all these girls hanging around…we had to have one little boy.   My cousin Leigh had a baby boy this past week..Braydon Andrew.  He’s a little small and will have to stay a little while in the  NICU…can’t wait to see and hold him as well…I hope he’s working on being a Casanova…cause he’s surrounded with girls.

Anyway….if you need me I’ll be the one holding a baby!   Here’ a few pics.

Hanging out!  Catching up on the latest.

So Precious!
Am I cute or what!!!
Snoozing.  Wake me when it's time for a bottle!

Some good Sleep!
Bath time!

Sweet Baby!


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