Girls vs. Boys

>> Thursday, March 17, 2011

girls restI work with a great team of people here at ACS Technologies. It’s always nice to work with people you not only get along with, but truly like. One of topics we discuss (more than needed) is bathrooms. Girls vs. Boys.

Most nice ladies rooms have a little more to them than just the basics. Here at work we have music, incense, and a cabinet or two. We even sometimes have a occasional sticky on the mirror telling us we’re beautiful or smart or both. Where the guys truly have “just the basics”.

It’s always a lively conversation when we discuss the differences. Recently, a few of us went to Dallas for some training and upon entering a ladies room in the hotel lobby, we saw huge mural and couch. The doors were made with plantation shutters and of course there was music, lavender soap and lavender lotion.

That was exactly what we’d expect, but it also caused us to giggle. We knew the guys would never understand this. A picture was taken and immediately sent back for everyone to see that girls restrooms are always more elaborate.

Why does this matter? It is after all just teasing among co-workers, but if we examine it, there is a reason. Both restrooms are technically usable they both meet the basic requirements needed. However, designer’s know that if “just the basics” are met for the ladies rest room it would be considered cold, clinical, even less clean. It doesn’t matter how clean it is. It’s the expectation of more that has to be met.  Don't we live in a crazy world.


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