Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability

>> Friday, July 23, 2010

I don’t know about you but down here in the south we know when summer is here.   There is a difference between early summer and summer.   When temps are 100+ everyday for weeks on end, it brings out a different view on working and being outside.   It’s always a good time to plan a trip to the beach.   The breeze is always blowing and the idea of the water tricks the mind to think it’s 82 instead of 102.

We recently had the Griggs Family Vacation.  It was fab-U-las week of doing much of nothing and calling it play.   We played in the water and the sand.   We looked for hidden treasure and found it!  The hidden treasure can in the form of seashells and sanddollars.  To be honest we and found a lot of interesting things…within the span of 7 days we found - 2 starfish, 2 conch shells (mollusk still in tack and alive), Hermit crabs, Sidewinder Crabs, Sting rays, Sanddollars (several broken, 1 in perfect condition),  and a shark!  All of these were in their natural environment and found by us.  

We SO enjoyed the beach, but we also enjoyed being together.   The boys had a terrific week being spoiled to death.   More importantly the adults (you know the ones paying for the trip) had the best time.  I think it goes down as one of my all time favorite getaways.
  So I’m good with the quote above “Deep Summer is when laziness finds respectability” ~ Sam Keen.   I think deep summer is a perfect time to have a little time for indulgence and laziness, how else could we handle those 100 plus days.


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